1U 96F High Density Rack Chassis – Unloaded

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The High density patch panel in applied in MDA, IDA or HAD in data center for trunk cable connection and cable distribution , the patch panel installed inside a 19-inch cabinet, and could pre-assembled with MPO/MTP/LC adaptor panel, or MPO/MTP Cassette,.

Data Center, Enterprise Central Office


  • Mounted on 19-inch cabinet, for centralized management
  • Increase cable ports by additional module, capable of provide high density cable connection
  • Produced by High Grade Cold Roll Steel, The sheet passed strict degreasing, pickling, rust phosphating and water cleaning, and then finishing with electrostatic spray, the spray thickness is 80μm-100μm
  • The Patch Panel contains cable management and label tag
  • Easy installation, and facilitate for management
  • Density is four times of the conventional splice distribution frame, greatly save the cabinet space
  • Module design, easy for structure upgrade and convenient maintenance


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