100GBASE-DER4 QSFP28 Dual Rate 1310nm 40KM Module

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FOS 100G QSFP28 series includes SR4, CWDM4, LR4, ER4 lite, and ER4, using LC or MPO receptacle, with the features of QSFP28 MSA Compliant, IEEE802.3bm Compliant, low power consumption, and high reliability, suitable for 100G data center network and OTN network.

100GBASE-DER4 are designed for use in 100Gbps or 112Gbps per second links over SM fiber. They are compliant with the QSFP28 MSA and IEEE 802.3bm


Form Factor QSFP28 Max Data Rate 103.1Gbps/112Gbps
Wavelength 1294~1310nm Max Cable Distance 40KM
Connector Duplex LC Media SMF
Transmitter Type EML Receiver Type APD
DDM/DOM Supported Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70??C (32 to 158??F)
TX Power -2.5~+4.5dBm Receiver Sensitivity <-19dBm
Compatible Brand

Arista, Broadcom, Brocade, Ciena, Cisco, Dell, Extreme, Generic, Huawei, Intel, Juniper, Mellanox



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